USC Athletics Trojan Board of Directors  

Fight On! 

The TBOD's signature event is the annual Heritage Golf Classic where Trojan supporters, USC coaches and past players come together in support of the Trojan Athletic Fund.  The TBOD is always looking for new signature events as well as new potential members so please contact us if you're interested in donating your time and support.  Potential members must be part of one of the following support groups: 1) Cardinal and Gold / Women of Troy, 2) The Committee or 3) Scholarship Club and willing to be actively involved giving one's time and effort to the club.  

For more information about USC Athletics Trojan Board of Directors or how to get involved, please CLICK HERE.  


-The recruitment of prospective athletic donors for membership on the Board and in other Athletic Department support groups.

-To establish and promote Athletic Department projects and to strengthen the ties between alumni, friends, community, Board and the Athletic Department.

-To develop programs in support of the Athletic Department’s financial goals and community and alumni relations.

-To encourage attendance and support for all intercollegiate athletic events.

The USC Athletics Trojan Board of Directors ("TBOD") promote a program of mutual benefit between the University of Southern California Athletic Department and its alumni and friends, including, but not limited to, the following objectives:

About the board of directors